Language, the echo of a culture

Echo is a success story that started more than ten years ago on the foreign language market in Bucharest, founded with a lot of passion. With an ample portfolio of corporate clients, and many foreign language courses for natural persons in open courses, Echo shortly became a well-known name, and its recognition is owed to the quality of services.


Founded in 2004 out of the desire to create foreign language courses at high quality standards, ECHO is a language school that reunites training services for companies (occupying an important percentage of the courses), open language courses, as well as translation and interpreting services. As of 2011, Echo Kids, a younger initiative of ECHO brings to the center-stage foreign language course for children, respecting the same quality principles. The training programs are configured so as to answer to the development needs of a person or of a company, encouraging the trainee, and aiming to develop their linguistic potential as much as possible. The translation and interpretation services facilitate communication in more than 30 foreign languages.


Our mission is to develop potential: be it human, team or organizational, offering our collaborators flexible and adapted programs, specific to our clients. The three values of our company guide us to fulfill our mission. Openness, flexibility, accessibility.


Value and respect create competitive advantages. We have the pride to believe that our presence on a market that has yet to be saturated, can only be welcome. Moreover, we see our involvement, aside from the commercial aspect, as an effort to demonstrate that everything is possible. Even excellence!

Speak any language fluently!

Stimulative courses, structured in relevant and interactive lessons, that take place in a confortable and attractive environment.
Dynamic and dedicated teachers!

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