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Bulgarian is an Indo-European language, with a very important evolution when compared to other Slavic languages, and this has been manifested especially in what the noun declination is concerned. Bulgarian is spoken by more than 12 million inhabitants of Bulgaria, but also in Turkey, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, and Romania.

Bulgarian was the first written Slavic language. It first appeared in the 9th century, using the Glagolitic alphabet which was slowly replaced by the Cyrillic alphabet.

At the end of the 18th century, the Bulgarian alphabet became adapted to a Russian version of the Cyrillic one. In the 19th century, it contained between 28 and 44 letters, but Marin Drinov's 32 letter version remained in place until 1945, when an orthographic reform took place.

Useful Bulgarian phrases:

What is your name?

  • Как се казваш? (Kak se kazvash?) - Informal expression
  • Как се казвате? (Kak se kazvate?) - Formal expression

Where are you from?

  • Откъде сте? (Otkãde ste) – Formal expression
  • Откъде си? (Otkãde si)- Informal expression

Modern Bulgarian borrowed a lot of Greek and Turkish words during the Turkish domination, and more recently has borrowed words from Russian, French and German.

If you speak Bulgarian, it is said that you will surely understand Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian.

At ECHO School for Foreign Languages, you can take up Bulgarian language courses individually or in a small group. Also, ECHO can also organize corporate Bulgarian courses at your company's premises.

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