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Due to its complexity, we may assume that Czech is a difficult language. Its complexity is due to the morphology, noun and adjective inflexion, as well as verb conjugation.

The order of words in a sentence is variable and hence the level of difficulty.

Phonetics and phonology of the Czech language can be very difficult to speakers of other languages. For example, words do not have apparent vowels, and consonants also fill the role of vowels.

Czech was also influenced by a large number of languages, especially Slavic, Latin and German.

Czech is spoken by approximately 10 million people, both on Czech territory, as well as in other countries where Czech migrants arrived, most of them being in the USA.

During the Czech language course, Beginner level, the topics which we usually discuss are the following:

  • Greeting and introduction formulas
  • Offering and asking for simple personal information – workplace, marital status
  • Social expressions – accepting/refusing, expressing apologies, offering thanks/answers, permission.
  • Household objects, classroom and office-related objects
  • Numerals, time
  • Days of the week
  • Family and family members
  • Arriving, indications
  • Keeping a schedule/a diary – being free, setting up a meeting
  • Food – asking for simple food and beverages, making table reservations
  • Some preferences and dislikes


  • The verb "to be" in present tense
  • Grammar gender in nouns
  • Grammar characteristics missing in Czech – articles, special negation and question forms, present perfect
  • Different characteristics of Czech – conjugation and complex declinations
  • The verb "to have" and accusative
  • The verb "to go" and genitive
  • Rules on the order of words
  • Location – using the locative case
  • Adjectives – main and comparative
  • Some present tense conjugations

At ECHO School for Foreign Languages, you can take up Czech language courses individually or in a small group. Also, ECHO can also organize corporate Czech courses at your company's premises.

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