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Dutch is a Western German language, spoken by almost 21 million people. Dutch seems to have appeared in 700AD, and a process of standardization of the language appeared in the Medieval era.

As all Western German languages, Dutch has a fairly difficult word structure. Dutch is known as a language that where the tendency is to connect many short words in order to form a longer one.

Grammar got very much simplified during the last 100 years, cases being now used just for pronouns. Many words were borrowed and are pronounced the same as they are in their original language.

During the Dutch Beginner module (a module very much demanded both by natural persons, as well as by companies), beside the presentation topics – including places of origin, family, reason for studying Dutch, jobs, preferences and dislikes, food and beverages, travel, time – hours, days, months, places – stores, banks, daily life – routines, leisure time, weather, the course will also contain grammar problems such as present tense, past tense, present perfect, future, personal pronouns – subject, complement, possessives, singular versus plural, articulated and non-articulated nouns, articles, the order of words – sentence, question, “yes/no” questions, interrogative pronouns, offering instructions – using the imperative.

Over the years, Echo has organized Dutch language courses in different formats, both individual courses, small group courses, or corporate courses.

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