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Founded in 2004, Echo is one of the most important foreign language course providers for companies. ECHO training programs are configured so as to answer to the development needs of the beneficiaries (the companies).

In close relation to the training department of the organization, ECHO will organize the initial assessment, followed by a report on the initial evaluation for each of the students. The initial assessment consists of a written and an oral test.

We place students in groups, according to the European Common Reference Framework, and then together with the recruitment/human resources departments, we establish the specific objectives of the courses. We start the delivery of training programs, time during which the mid-course and final evaluations represent key steps, and offer an individual evaluation report.

English language courses for companies shall cover the following topics:

  • oral and interactive practice, in order to encourage the expression of ideas, opinions, and in order to gain new vocabulary (both general, as well as specific, depending on the selected course);
  • role play that simulate scenarios such as presentations, negotiations, business meetings, phone conversations;
  • introduction and/or revision of grammar problems that need to be especially focused upon;
  • development of day-to-day, actual vocabulary;
  • understanding any written document or of an oral presentation that belong to the field of the business line in which they work;

English language courses can rely more either on general language, or on business language. While the purpose of English - general language courses is to introduce the student in English, to improve their fluency and speaking capacity, the courses for Business English are addressed to people that have at least a Medium level of English, that wish to improve their communication abilities in their work environment.

During time, Echo organized English language courses for other specialized kinds of languages, such as legal or medical English, but also courses tailored for domains such as insurance, financial-accounting, human resources, marketing and sales, IT and telecommunication.

The specialized English programs use certain manuals that have the purpose of bringing the student closer to Business, legal, medical, etc. vocabulary, and to real situations with which the students may be faced in their professional environment. The courses for specialized languages are held by trainers that have a special training in the field, with experience in teaching these types of courses, and the students are required to have already acquired, until the moment of the beginning of the course, a medium level of general language, at least. Aside from the courses of Business English, legal or medical (these being the most encountered), there are training programs that we organize at the specific request of the company, for a limited amount of time, and that can be focused on elaborating presentations, negotiation techniques, known marketing means, on holding an interview, and also on other subjects, on-demand courses.

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