Linguistic Audit

Addressed to companies, the linguistic auditing will help you diagnose or analyze the punctual needs of the company as far as foreign language training is concerned, as well as establishing the exact level of knowledge for each employee.

Thus, during the auditing process, an evaluation containing a written examination and a one-to-one interview (it can also take place over the phone), by means of which we will be able to identify the weak or strong points, easily correctable aspects, or the ones that will take more time to understand/accumulate.

The linguistic audit contains:

  • Carrying out the evaluation (written test + interview)
  • identifying the linguistic capacity of the trainee/trainees
  • a strategy proposal that can be implemented by the beneficiary, in close relation and with support from ECHO
  • planning of the courses/sessions

Chosen means of assessment

1. Written test on the basis of ECHO-designed tests, on the client's demand, or based on essays elaborated by candidates and submitted by the client.

2. Telephone testing which will be done by ECHO trainers, and which takes about 15 minutes/person, on the basis of a 10-question set, submitted by the client, and commonly-agreed upon. After these tests, the trainers will make evaluations containing comments on the performance of the candidate, as well as the recommended level.

Linguistic audit will verify the five important components

Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Reading, Listening

After completing the linguistic audit, the company will be able to:

  • include the employee in an adequate training program
  • evaluate the linguistic competences of its current or future employees.

Stages of the audit

  • Elaborating the tests, on the client's request
  • Carrying out the oral test
  • A strategy proposal which can be implemented by the beneficiary company, together with ECHO
  • planning the courses/sessions (in case you want our center to provide the foreign language courses for perfecting your employees' knowledge)

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