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Finnish is spoken in Finland and is a member of the Finno-Ugric family. It is an agglutinated language, changing the form of the noun and of the adjective, depending on the role they take in a sentence.

Finnish has the reputation of being difficult to understand and learn.

There are two types of dialects: Eastern and Western, and two more well-known languages: Yleiskieli (the official language) and Puhekieli (the spoken language).

Over the centuries, Finnish borrowed so many words, that we can now see only approximately 300 words with completely Finnish roots.

Finland is an amazing country, neighboring Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia. It has been enjoying economic flourishing in the past 50 years, and it was declared the second most stable country in the world, with an excellent quality of life and education.

Lately, Finland has become an important tourist attraction, due to its 35 national parks and its 70 days of non-stop sunlight in certain areas.

At Echo School of languages you can take Finnish language courses in individual or small group formats (two-three friends that want to be initiated in this language). Also, Echo can organize corporate Finnish courses at your company premises.

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