English courses

At ECHO, English language courses enjoy a well-earned reputation due to the quality of the courses offered to people, companies, or to other institutions. ECHO offers General English, as well as Business, Legal or Medical English, both in a group, as well as individually. Also, during our experience, we organized tailored courses for several companies, considering their punctual needs.
ECHO English courses set the trainee on the first place. This is why we shall use during the lesson discussion, role play, simulation, dialogue, mini-presentations, in order to improve your fluency.

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Romanian for foreigners

If you are an expat living in Romania, if you are a student and are beginning or finishing your studies in Romania, if you are a diplomat or a person working in an international organization, or an Easter-European culture aficionado, then you have serious reasons to begin Romanian language courses for foreigners.

Romanian language courses are offered by ECHO School of Languages with special attention to the punctual needs of the client, approaching them in a flexible and attentive manner.

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Foreign language courses

A foreign language grants you access to a well-paid job!

German language courses

German is a key language of the European Union. Just imagine that every other tenth published book is written in German!

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Italian language courses

This language has an impressive history behind which stand architecture, literature, painting and sculpture of immense value.

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Spanish language courses

Approximately 322 million people speak Spanish as mother-tongue. After Chinese and English is is the third most spoken language in the world.

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French language courses

French is a Romanic language, together with Spanish, Italian, Provençal, Romanian, Catalan, but has a considerable amount of special characteristics.

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Arab language courses

Dialectal Arab exists in a multitude of formats and derives from classical Arab. These dialects are unwritten, but live through spoken language.

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Modern Greek language courses

Modern Greek is a living language, and also one of the richest known languages, with more than 600.000 words being in an inflationary form.

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Chinese language courses

Chinese is a language spoken by more than 500 million people. It has a grammar structure abundant in vocabulary, in which you can easily construct words.

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Hebrew courses

Hebrew belongs to the group of Semitic languages, is written from right to left, and the writing does not include vowels (represented by points and dashes).

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Other foreign languages taught

Discover new and enriching cultures!

Courses for children

Interactive, fun, but also offering essential knowledge for learning a foreign language, Echo Kids meets the study needs of all children through programs adapted to each age segment.

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As a general rule, we base our methodology on a mix between grammar rules, diversification of vocabulary, and insistence on conversation and dialogue.

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Speak any language fluently!

Stimulative courses, structured in relevant and interactive lessons, that take place in a confortable and attractive environment.
Dynamic and dedicated teachers!

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