cursuri de limba franceza

In the context of the fast dynamic of the current multinational market, companies invest in the essential resource they have: the human resource. They provide employees with numerous training programs, often in the form of foreign language courses. French is no longer a niche language, as it had once become, since now the necessity of its efficient use is manifested, so as to ensure an optimal communication with foreign business partners, native speakers of the language.

CEcho School of Languages organizes French corporate courses at the company premises, both in individual, as well as in group formats, with clear benefits for the target set by the training or human resources department.

At Echo, French language courses are defined from a beginner level (A1), up to the advanced plus level (C2), and these are a mixture of grammar and vocabulary, in simple conversations, for the A1, A2 levels, medium difficulty for B1 and B2, or advanced conversation for C1 and C2.

The structure and content of the courses will be perfectly adapted to the needs of the students and to the specific demands of the company. Maintaining a constant connection between Echo and the training/human resources departments of the partner companies insures an informational flux that permits bilateral feedback and tailored services.

The trainers that conduct French language courses for companies all have a passion for the French culture and its teaching, with a profound and thorough degree of preparedness in this direction. Echo trainers will encourage students to express as much as possible in the target language, making use of very interactive methods, using attractive materials, and stimulating students to get involved in a wide variety of activities meant to transform them in active agents of their own learning process.

Thus, during the French language courses for companies, training departments will have the opportunity to see their employees:

  • efficiently communicating in the desired language;
  • having a good command of vocabulary and being able to handle multiple business situations;
  • developing strategies in the specific vocabulary;
  • creating clear and efficient documents in French;
  • designing presentations or actively participating in discussions, role play or mini-meetings;
  • confidently discussing with possible partners, friends, colleagues, etc.

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