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Due to the infusion of companies within which the main language is German, and the investment in personal development of employees has become a priority, requests for organizing a corporate German course both individually, as well as in groups, have grown considerably.

Echo promptly answers to all of these requests for holding German courses at the company premises, offering those courses at the highest standards of quality, starting from A1 level, up to advanced level courses or specialized language.

The process starts with the initial test to which students are subjected. The students are to take part in German language courses within the company in which they work. These evaluations are held on the basis of written tests, conceived according to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages, thus ensuring the objectivity and accuracy of group and level allotment of future students.

After holding this initial test which is followed by an evaluation report, the students will be directed towards groups that correspond to their language level. Also based on these evaluation reports and the establishment of the levels of groups, the course materials shall also be selected.

Maintaining a constant contact with the Human Resources and Training departments of partner companies is essential for insuring a good evolution of courses. The companies are thus constantly informed about the performance of students, through the mid-course evaluation, but through a final one as well, designed to quantify the individual progress of each participant, taking as initial reference point the level that was first assigned.

The structure and content of courses will be perfectly adapted to the needs of the students and to the specific demands of the company. The used methods are meant to facilitate a fast and efficient access of students to the communication in the German language.

Thus, the Echo method is concentrated around the active involvement of participants, the use of intuitive and attractive materials – images, video materials, audio materials, etc., that lead to a thorough, profound and long-lasting acquisition of the language structures.

German language trainers that conduct courses at Echo are selected after a thorough and careful process of recruitment and selection, having specialized training both in Romanian, as well as in foreign institutions.

German language courses for companies shall include the following aspects:

  • cultivation of the vocabulary used in regular situation
  • understanding of written reports and documents, and of oral presentations
  • oral exercise of ideas and opinions, interaction with the other students within role-play situations that simulate scenarios including presentations, negotiations, business meetings, telephone conversations;
  • understanding and/or improving grammar structures that pose more difficulty and complexity.

Within corporate courses, Echo developed numerous training programs that envisage specialized language such as Business German, Medical German, Marketing and Sales, IT and Telecommunication language.

Employees that know and understand German, both in companies in which German is the ”official language”, but also in multinational companies, represents a key-instrument both in making interpersonal communication more efficient, but also the ”business” endeavors. German language courses for companies, personalized and adapted for the business environment.

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