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When discussing Hebrew, we are actually discussing two languages – biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew.

Hebrew belongs to the group of Semitic languages, together with Arabic.

The verb conjugation is made by gender and number, and that might represent a difficulty for the ones learning the language. Another difficulty lies in the fact that it is written from right to left, and that writing does not include vowels, which are represented by points and dashes.

However in Hebrew, every word has a root. Nouns, adjectives and verbs are connected by the same root. For example, for the verb “to write” and for the noun “letter”, there is a common root formed by three letters, and this helps the student recognize the meaning of words quicker.

If you would like to start or to continue the study of this exotic language, Hebrew can be studied at Echo individually, in a small group, or at your company's premises.

Did you know that the most common word, לום [shalom], which means peace, is used both as hello, as well as for goodbye?

Did you know that Hebrew doesn't have any word that expresses I would like to and for this we always use the verb to want רוצה [rotseh] together with please בבקשה[bevakasha].

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