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One cannot speak of Hindi without speaking of Urdu, the two most important dialects spoken in India. Although they respect the same grammar structure, they are different in vocabulary.

There are 22 official languages, but the main spoken tongue is Hindi. It is fairly difficult to approximate how many people speak Hindi, or whether it is their first or second language. Nevertheless, most recent numbers show 260 million people speaking this foreign language. The diversity of spoken languages in India is also given by the fact that India is divided in more states, and each of them has its own official language.

Hindi is spoken in many parts of the Earth where there are large communities of speakers – in Great Britain, in the US, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Myanmar, Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Uganda, and New Zealand.

In its modern form, Standard Hindi has taken over much from the Sanskrit language, This is mostly used for official documents, whereas people speak a colloquial mixture of Hindi, Persian, Arab, Urdu and English.

In Hindi there are five types of words: Tatsam, Ardhatatsam, Tadbhav, Deshaj and Videshi. Tatsam indicates the words that come directly from Sanscrit, while Ardhatatsam indicates that certain languages come from Sanscrit, but have suffered changes over the time. Tabhav indicates the words that have a Sanscrit origin, but are written differently, Deshaj represents the colloquial words entered into daily speech, while Videshi words are linguistically borrowed from other parts, different from the Indo-Aryan language.

If you are curious to find out more about these differences or if you are passionate about exotic languages, then Echo is the proper place to choose an individual Hindi course, or a small group one. You can also opt for corporate Hindi courses at your company premises.

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