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Is it possible that you have ever considered learning Hungarian? Or have you got good friends that speak more in Hungarian and you would like to understand them? Then this is the moment to register for one of the Hungarian language courses provided by Echo, either in individual format, or in small groups. Also, experience has shown us that some companies send their employees to receive language training, for a better intra-company communication, so why not a Hungarian corporate courses?

In the whole world there are approximately 13 million people who speak Hungarian, out of which 10 million live on Hungarian territory. Approximately 1 million Hungarians live in Transylvania, and represent an important minority in Romania.

Hungarian has 14 vocal phonemes, and 25 consonant phonemes, and the accent is placed on the first syllable of the first word. The alternance of vowels is very important in Hungarian – there are vowels to be placed before (e, é, i, í, ö, ő) and after (a, á, o, ó, u, ú).

Difficulties in Hungarian are multiple and consist of:

  • many sounds with double letters such as “gy, “ty” și “ny”. Hungarian has 14 vowels, some of them having similar pronunciation.
  • The order of words is problematic, because there are a series of rules in constructing sentences.
  • Hungarian also has many similar words, most of them being formed through composition, adding various suffixes to already-existent words. Even though Hungarians can scare you with long words such as “megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért”, they are not very frequent.

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