cursuri de limba italiana

Taking into consideration the perspective of the large Italian companies present on the Romanian market in various and important domains such as Energy, the Italian corporate language courses represent a large percentage of the demands that Echo meets in this direction.

Italian may seem like a challenge both for students (native Romanian language speakers), but even for trainers, who are highly trained and thorough. The fact that Romanian and Italian are very close, and bear similar melodious characteristics, makes this language look approachable and easy to learn for Romanian natives. Truthfully, the two languages are different in many aspects, and need a thorough course in order to correctly speak Italian.

Echo Italian language trainers have a high level of preparedness in this direction, and the methods and materials used are meant to stimulate the students to communicate as cursively as possible, and of course, correctly, so that the interaction within the company is efficient. Within such a company, where the management consists of native Italian language speakers, using English as a connecting language is not the most efficient means of speech. In these conditions, the neccessity of having Italian spoken by as many employees as possible represents a priority for the human resources and training departments.

Echo School of Foreign Languages offers Italian Language Courses both in a group, as well as individually, having a flexible approach, adapting the courses according to the needs and preferences of students concerning the schedule. As an integrant part of the corporate services, the innitial evaluation of the students, followed by the placement in the appropriate level group, and also the intermediate and final evaluation (consisting of rigurous evaluation reports written by Echo trainers), maintaining a permanent link with the company representatives and offering constant feedback.

The Corporate Course Department at Echo comes to meet the various market demands, offering personalized Italian language courses at the collaborating company premises, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

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