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Macedonian is a language that is part of the Eastern Slavic languages, and is spoken by two million Macedonians. Macedonian is closely related to Bulgarian, so there is a fairly high level of understanding between speakers of the two foreign languages, and only 15% of the Macedonian vocabulary does not coincide with Bulgarian vocabulary. The differences emerged from the words borrowed from Serbian. Before the language was standardized in 1940 Macedonia, this language was considered a dialect of Bulgarian.

Macedonian grammar is relatively analytical when compared to the other Slavic languages. This means that almost all words are composed from a morpheme. Macedonian words have a clear and easily-identifiable root.

Macedonian vocabulary was influenced by many other languages, such as Turkish, Serbian, and even English, with Macedonian-origin words taking precedence over borrowed words.

You can take up Macedonian language courses in individual and small groups at Echo School of Languages.

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