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Have you ever thought about studying a language that knows five genders: neutral, feminine, and three forms of masculine (personal, animated, non-animated), and seven cases? Or a language that has a flexible word topic in the sentence? This is Polish and Echo Polish language courses can be organized either individually, or in a group.

Polish is spoken by most of the residents of Poland, and is the third most spoken language after Russian and Ukrainian. It has been influenced over time by very many languages, such as Latin, Czech, French, German, Italian, Russian and recently it has been invaded by English terms. However, after 1945, Polish became a very homogenous language, despite the fact that regional dialects persisted.

Good morning or Hello is translated by “dzien dobry", and Good Evening is translated by "dobry wieczor".

When addressing people, you need to call them “Pan” for men and “Pani” for women, along with their surname.

Due to the fact that Polish appreciate politeness and its degrees, it is recommended not to use the first name until an informal permission is granted.

If you are interested in studying Polish, you can immediately start Polish language courses, with an accent on communication and developing fluency. Also, we remind you that all courses are organized in conformity with the Common European framework of Reference for languages.

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