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Member of the Romanic language family, Portuguese is the mother tongue of approximately 240 million people.

Portuguese is spoken mostly in Portugal and Brazil, bearing some differences in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, however not significant.

An important characteristic of Portuguese is the nasal pronunciation of some vowels and diphthongs, that are indicated by a tilde (~). As in Spanish, Portuguese tends to use reflexive verbs, instead of the passive voice.

  • Did you know that Sao Paolo is the city with the most Portuguese language speakers in the world? There is even a museum of the Portuguese language. Also, Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world?
  • Did you know that Portuguese language speakers understand Spanish fairly easily, but it is not the same the other way around?
  • Did you know that Y, W and K did not exist in Portuguese before 2009 and that they are now used just for words borrowed from other foreign languages?

Even if Portuguese vocabulary comes mostly from Vulgar Latin, there were many words absorbed from Arabic, French, Italian, or from languages of indigenous peoples in South America or Africa.

Spanish and Portuguese are very similar, so if you start studying Portuguese, you will shortly understand structures from Spanish.

So spend no more time thinking about it, and try a language where interrogative sentences are given by intonation, and their structure is fairly simple.

At Echo, Portuguese language courses can take place both individually, as well as in small groups, or at the premises of your company.

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