Russian language courses at Echo

At Echo, Russian language courses are more and more demanded, and have been organized in various formats, from individual courses, to corporate courses, or open courses.

Spoken by more than 160 million people, Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet and is one of the United Nations official languages.

Russian culture is so rich and varied, starting with masterpieces of universal literature(Tolstoy, Dostoievski, Gogol, Puşkin are just a few names) and reaching an important cinema history, or music – both traditional and modern – hence, probably, the high interest of Echo students to try a language of such a recognized high level of difficulty.

Russian vocabulary has been intensely influenced by Religious Slavic. This is a language used by the Orthodox Church, and was used not just for religious Orthodox ceremonies, but for day to day communication as well.

Russian suffered serious influences from the Finnish languages, and although many of these languages no longer exist, the words have remained in Russian.

Russian is separated in two dialects: Northern and Southern. In Moscow they speak Central Russian, which belongs to the Northern dialect.

While, Russian is considered a difficult language to learn, it should be one of the most studied one in the context of modern history. Learning Russian opens up various study areas including modern history, geography, current events.

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