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Slovakian is an Indo-European language, more precisely Slavik, and is spoken by approximately 5 million people in Slovakia, and also in the USA, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Canada and Bulgaria.

Some specialists compare the difference between Slovakian and Czech with the one between Italian and Spanish, while others with the one between Scandinavian languages. Slovakian is tied to Czech especially in what writing is concerned, but differs from a phonetic and grammatical point of view.

Standard Slovakian is closer to literary Czech especially from phonology and morphology points of view. The differences between speaking elements from Slovakian dialects are rather big in comparison with Standard Slovakian and Standard Czech.

Slovakian uses the Latin alphabet with diacritics. These are marks on letters that show a change in pronunciation or tone.

The language is full of phonemes, so if you start studying Slovakian, you must pay attention to the pronunciation of some words.

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