cursuri de limba spaniola

Within corporations, communication and the channels by which it is realized represent a priority. Thus, in the case of business partners, native speakers of Spanish, its use in communication is a is a first option, as a more efficient substitute of English. In this direction, employers encourage and stimulate their employees to take part, within the company, in Spanish courses, all the more as Spanish is very accessible to students due to its close relationship with Romanian.

The accessibility of Spanish however, is not at all times an advantage of its study. Students may be tempted to consider it extremely easy and underestimate the effort needed to learn it. In this sense Echo trainers are very prepared, or they are native speakers, in order to provide the students with highly accurate information, rules and norms that set apart the amateur user from one that has thoroughly studied Spanish within courses.

Echo promptly answers all demands for Spanish company courses, offering courses at the highest standards of quality, starting from A1 level, which is designed for beginners, up to C2 level, which is for advanced learning.

The company can opt for individual courses, especially if the future student has a busy schedule and needs to travel in delegations. Echo offers flexibility in this respect and responds to the very needs of the student, at the same time allotting great attention to the specialized Spanish language that they need to use in the professional environment.

Depending on the company specificities, there is also the option of group courses (6-8 participants). Before the groups are formed, an initial test followed by an evaluation report is done. Thus, students will be directed towards the corresponding groups, depending on their language level. During the Spanish language courses, due to the method and materials used, students feel extremely motivated and will wish to overcome their limits.

Whatever course option you may chose, Echo offers Spanish language courses for companies at the highest standards.

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