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Swedish (Swenska) is spoken by 9 million people in Sweden and by approximately 300.000 in Finland..

It belongs to the Northern Germanic group of the Indo-European family, which also includes other Norse languages such as Danish, Norwegian and Icelandese.

Swedish has lately been invaded by several English words, so we can now speak of "Swenglish".

Written Swedish is almost similar to German and Dutch. What is fairly difficult in Swedish is pronunciation.

Over the Swedish language module – Intermediary level, the lexical topics/domains shall include introduction of oneself or of others, including of your family – basic personal information, jobs, travels, holidays/vacations, food and beverages, health/illness, meetings, leisure time, money and shopping.

From a point of view of grammar notions, the course will cover the recap of the grammar taught in the Beginner Plus level (for example with the help of exercises from more verbal tenses – present/past/future), modal verbs, comparative/superlative, attributive sentences.

Other vocabulary notions will cover the recap through dialogue of what was previously taught, movement prepositions, formation of words (with the help of prefixes and suffixes), word families (noun-verb-adjective-adverb), time expressions, who/which/what/how/when/where/how much/how many/why, useful signs, word topic.

At Echo, Swedish language courses can take place either individually, in small groups, or in corporate courses.

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