Turkish language courses at Echo

Turkish is spoken by 70 million people in Turkey and by more than 15 million people around the world.

Spoken Turkish in the Ottoman Empire was an altered version of the Arab alphabet. In 1928, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in his efforts to modernize Turkey, forbade the Arab alphabet, and replaced it with a modified version of the Latin one.

One of the characteristics of this language is the harmony of vowels, namely if the first vowel is open, the second, or the following ones will also be vowels.

Turkish, as Finnish, is an agglutinating language. It is known for the abundance of suffixes, and the limited presence of prefixes.

The topics approached over the A1 module may include the following:

  • Greeting and introduction forms: personal information (name, nationality, workplace, place of origin, place of living, age, spoken language, marital status)
  • Your daily present routine
  • Use of the present tense
  • Yes/No questions
  • Dates and knowing how to ask about/answer about the time
  • Questions: who, where, when, what
  • Questions: granting permissions
  • Comparisons
  • Using numbers
  • Using negations


  • Phonetics: Turkish sounds
  • Dialogues
  • Interrogations
  • Using syllables and vowels
  • Past tense – di’li gecmis zaman
  • Rules of the Turkish language
  • The verbs "to be", "to have" (affirmative and interrogative forms)
  • Present tense: structure and use ("iyor" conjugations)
  • Some irregular and reflexive verbs
  • The verb "to like"
  • Form of questions with the "-mi" particle
  • Possession
  • Demonstrative
  • Numbers
  • Plural

Turkish is taught at Echo in individual courses, small groups, or at the premises of your company, focusing on communication and respecting CEF levels.

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