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Ukrainian is a language similar to Russian, and it is commonly said that if you know Russian well, in three months spent living and talking to Ukrainians, you will learn their tongue.

Also, even the Ukrainians prefer speaking Russian, using Ukrainian for official documents.

Ukrainian however is massively used in schools and its employment is very encouraged in media and television. However, the large media trusts belong to Russian companies, thus still transmitting their programs in Russian.

Some Russian linguists pretend that Ukrainian is a dialect of the former; even if this might have been the case 100 years ago, it is no longer the case.

The use of Ukrainian is growing after a long period of decline. In Kiev, they speak both languages, an important evolvement if we are to consider the fact that during the communist period, only Russian was spoken. Moreover, Ukrainian is in a continuous expansion given the fact that the population in the rural areas, being mostly Ukrainian-speaking, has the tendency to move into the cities.

You can take Ukrainian language courses at Echo School of Languages both in corporate, as well as individual courses.

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