Test engleză nivel avansați

1. ... that great doctor, I wouldn't be here now.

2. He wishes he ... younger.

3. Try ... your computer if you cannot shut down that program.

4. Thank you for your call. I look forward ... you again.

5. Please ... your work before you go out.

6. I waited for two hours, but she didn't ... .

7. He ... with a plan to save the company.

8. Sarah told me she ... and visit us.

9. It ... for two hours when we got to the cabin.

10. ... about retiring?

11. They ... trying to get in touch with you, but you never answer your phone.

12. Do you mind ... places? I cannot stay near the window.

13. We were walking in the park when the storm ... .

14. The occupation army hasn't ... from their territory.

15. The suspect ... right now.

16. I didn't do it! It was her ... .

17. We ... for years.

18. ... have you been talking to?

19. ... printer over there is out of order.

20. If you want to buy a car, you should start ... money.

21. Look, I burnt my hand! You ... told me it was hot!

22. Will you please explain this to me? I'm ... to understand.

23. Climbing those stairs every day is really a ... .

24. ... we had known better!

25. She told me they ... three years before.

26. Rest well tonight and ... tomorrow at the presentation.

27. No one has ... the text, so there are a lot of spelling mistakes.

28. I haven't read the book. I know what it's about because I read ... .

29. Had she known about this earlier, she ... warned them.

30. It ... for hours now.

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