Test engleză de afaceri nivel începători

1. For various reasons, the project is ... schedule.

2. There were technical problems and that's why the ... started a month later.

3. We only hire the most creative people and we seldom make mistakes in our ... .

4. Tara Suzuki had to explain the investment he decided to make to the other ... .

5. After having listened to all the arguments, you will certainly have decided in what to ... .

6. Their plans concerning this business involved all the aspects: finance, people and ... (that is equipment, buildings and know-how).

7. Warren Buffet, the world's largest investor, ... Berkshire Hathaway when he left school.

8. It is a well-known fact that happy employees make happy ... .

9. During the recent years, most ... companies have started to focus on brand management.

10. You have just received an invitation to an open evening at a ... with a tour within their new manufacturing plant.

11. As you know, our offices here in central London are extremely expensive as the rent ... in the past six years.

12. Last year, the government ... the Ministry's budget by 40%.

13. They were trying to sell their products to the wrong customers at the wrong price and so ... were falling dramatically.

14. New ... of psychiatric drugs were sold through the existing sales representatives.

15. The trainees did not ... with the trainer and confessed they would like to take part in a different one.

16. Drivers are ... for a go-down in motorway tolls.

17. By the mid 90s, Lithuania's export percentage to the European Union ... about 33%.

18. UK citizens are increasingly likely ... when faced with poor service, according to a recent survey.

19. We are looking for a dynamic individual with a strong ... in sales and deep knowledge of German language.

20. The Enzoni company occupies a profitable ... and has been able to survive the many fluctuations in the market.

21. If I hadn't worked in the publishing sector for 20 years, I ... the knowledge to become an editor.

22. I am in charge of the quality control and so that means that I have ... all the production and make sure that it all conforms to quality standards.

23. Some joint ventures do not ... happily.

24. When a company sets up its own operation without foreign partners, that operation is ... owned by it.

25. Pack the tools and ... to the customer!

26. Africa's ... economies have not done much yet for Africa's millions of poor.

27. Political stability should be ... when planning foreign investment.

28. The firm's performance is ... our expectations.

29. ... a strategy, he seems very unclear.

30. If we're cutting our advertising budget, any discussion about our promotional campaign is ... .

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