Test engleză de afaceri nivel mediu

1. There is no way John Smith, the new manager of the company, could ... that.

2. Helen Martins cannot talk about this topic until the ... comes home. She won't accept these ideas.

3. I regret I have no choice but to reject the project out of ... .

4. Just think of all the ... you get from having so many friends.

5. To start with, can you ... what session two was all about?

6. Certain promises that are not considered contracts may, in limited circumstances, be enforced if one party has relied to his ... on the assurances of the other party.

7. Mike Johnson might have seen the ... about the sale of the house in the local paper.

8. The ... approach is the staple of professional investors worldwide: it involves picking stocks for specific reasons.

9. Our beneficiary understood that our product, very new on the market, is ... .

10. Several studies have already shown that most people fear ... in public.

11. At the beginning of the business meeting with Ericsson's president, they were telling a few jokes just to ... :

12. Such markets may have a surprisingly ... demand for U.S. products.

13. The flow of ... capital in India has increased substantially since 2000.

14. In the ... sector, Opec countries do not plan a decrease.

15. Brokers spend a significant amount of time obtaining ... - agreements by owners to place properties for sale with the firm.

16. I'll confirm in writing so that you quickly get my ... .

17. Thank you, here is your change and your ... for all the shopping.

18. Which of the following phrases should not be used when one product is missing?

19. "Good morning. I need some coloured pencils, please."
"Of course. How ... packets would you like to buy?"

20. There is only word John could use to show his agreement and that's ... .

21. Do not think to get this issue on ... as it is strictly confidential.

22. I am afraid but for this matter, you will have to address to our boss; please note that Mr. Tonmasso will be away ... business till next Thursday, the 27th.

23. Please ... on me to discuss this issue on our next boarding meeting.

24. Tom Smith was telling me yesterday about a company with which we should cooperate and ... business with.

25. There is nothing else but offices and administration here and so, we call it a business ... .

26. The manager asked us how he could ... thank for the last month's work.

27. . Have you got sufficient capital to start a business? Then you have eliminated the biggest ... .

28. Nobody agreed to Clark when he raised during that meeting and put ... the idea of a strike.

29. Contracts are promises that the law will ... .

30. Paul's business plan contains some weaknesses and he should ... urgently in order to get the money loan from the bank.

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