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Printre multele cursuri de engleză business, am regăsit într-o pauză și cursanți care s-au jucat cu adjectivele în limba engleză în mici poezii.

Cold and hot and wine and tea … in October
“Cold. I’m standing in the middle of an ocean of pure white snow. After 8 hours of extreme snowboarding I’m coming home, trying to watch a movie near the fireplace with her. Three cups of tea with whisky and I’m not alone; she stops the movie, my blood is pumping, I’m not cold anymore”.

Silviu Oprea

“It is cold,
Let’s have some hot wine!!!
The wine could be hot in winter and good when you want to forget!
So let’s drink hot, hot wine!
Oops, there is only some cold tea!
Hmmm, and it’s still cold inside me!”

Dorina Iordache

“Cold my heart- it seems to be
Even coffee is hotter
Did my sense forget to be
Like the pepper too, too hot?

All my dresses look so hot
Cold- my friends started to be
But the sun is so, so hot
I’m as happy as I can be.”

Andra Iosif

“One cold October day…
I took my umbrella with me-
the sky is full of heavy clouds.
I’m having my leather jacket with me-
it’s freezing outside,
And I need a cup of tea.
One cold October day… and I really enjoy it.”

Mihaela Badaran

“Hot, hot, hot…
What a crowded beach,
with tanned bodies
and tiny swimsuits!
Hot, hot, hot…
All the people drink cold,
cold cocktails for hot, hot chicks.”

Diana Buzdugan

…as a large desert,
without colourful sun umbrellas,
without any green tea,
with no cold drinks at all,
with no water for a nice swimming.
Now tell me: would you think of a big fireplace or of something….

Ileana Baltac

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